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Mrdjsoul88 learns...........

2013-11-04 01:44:04 by Djsoul88

Mrdjsoul88 learns Spanish is now on Youtube!

P.S my Youtube channel videos will be private for the day because, of my spanish teacher looking at my video.

Stay TUned for more videos!


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2013-11-04 11:48:06

Hey, in the video you said you were from the U.S, aren't you from canada?

Djsoul88 responds:

No, I lived in Canada for little silly. Like 5 years, then moved back to the U.S. It's very complicated because i'm always moving.

Lemme break it down:

I was born in Fort Worth, Texas.

Moved when i was 2 to New Jersey.

Then moved again when I was 9 (turning ten) to Canada. (Reletaive related reasons)

Then moved to ******* in July.

That's the life of Joshua.

The end.


2013-11-04 18:44:23


Djsoul88 responds:



2013-11-05 06:54:53

You could embed it. :P Nice though.

Djsoul88 responds:

Thanks man! i still didn't get my grade yet.