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2013-08-27 23:30:54 by Djsoul88

Gonna do a video of those ad idots. If you haven't seen it her it is!


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2013-08-28 00:20:21

Ad revenue is cool. Who doesn't want free extra money? Moron. -_-

Djsoul88 responds:

Thanks! i'm Glad someone sees a bright side.


2013-08-28 00:38:04

Ironically, I am the most negative person I know. ^~^

Djsoul88 responds:



2013-08-28 01:38:23

For someone not being serious, you sure are trying to get into a row faster than Donald Trump can make a million.


2013-08-28 01:43:10

And of course, after I finished watching, YouTube puts up videos which are basically 'how to make money in the pay-to-click racket'. Hell, I'd be butthurt too, if I couldn't make any money from my hard work >:(

As much as I hate ads (enough to buy a Supporter Badge, which DOESN'T get rid of 13-14 tracking cookies) I live with them. If I'm getting content I want somewhere, I'll jump through the hoops to get it. Here's my example: 3 pop-up browser windows, a shit-ton of Flash ads, and one in the JWPlayer's loading screen, but it's got legit streaming videos and movies - it's like we're paying them, to pay of the man... maybe.

Djsoul88 responds:

This ad campaign can ruin the lives of many! And soon enough, there about to reach enough money to For a time Square billboard.


2013-08-28 15:44:46

Balls, man. They should just blow the wad on a full page ad in the the Wall Street Journal: costs a fuck-load, and advertises to handful rich people :\

Djsoul88 responds:

It just makes no sense!


2013-08-28 16:18:25

Look at their faces, the thirst guy is evil I tell you

Djsoul88 responds:

Nah, it's definitely the last one.


2013-08-28 22:02:47

Ads save me from aids.

Djsoul88 responds:

It's the only cure.


2013-08-29 03:44:35

omg I said thirst instead of first again!!!@1

Djsoul88 responds:

Your thirsty for first!