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2013-07-02 17:17:40 by Djsoul88

Now that summers finally come, I was planning to do some nice animations for you guys. But sadly, I lost ALL of my pen nibs for my graphics tablet, and now I can't do anything but sit sadly in a corner while Ralphing on myself. So I guess I'm just gonna have to raise the rest of the money for my Cintiq, and write the scripts to my new Smooth Mcgroove epic sex party of history and my new Teen wolf video. Oh yes, also I graduated and now i'm finally a fresh-man, so look out young beautiful ladies, I am now a man. ;)



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2013-07-02 18:01:15

I have a deja vu ... I read this before .....

Djsoul88 responds:

yeah, I reposted this.