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2013-05-17 17:49:22 by Djsoul88

Getting the animators survivals Kit on Saturday. Hope it's as good as everyone says .


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2013-05-17 20:09:10

It is decent lol

Djsoul88 responds:

Yeah I heard!


2013-05-18 16:20:11

The Animators Survival Kit includes things like Walk Cycles, Skips, Jumps and other kind of takes.
Such as overlaps, spacing and some different ways of storyboarding. I hope you will get some good things out of that thing. (In use of terms of animating traditionally, digitally and 3d.
I hope to see more of you!

Djsoul88 responds:

Thanks I hope I progress over this upcoming summer. I want to Get these things down as fast as I can!